New Year 2022 resolution exclusively dedicated to work and support environmental causes

With an all-new year in front of us, we entered yet another phase of life, with an optimistic note to live happy and peaceful life. True, every human being strives in his own way to attain that and it is all about it. But, never paid any thought to the planet earth we live in, moreover, knowingly used, misused  and abused it, in every possible way. So, now we are at the receiving end, even the year just ended had number

Reusable Day to Day Bags

Woven, Non-Woven Bags, Polyester, Nylon etc. Bags though they are not compostable Bags they compensate indirectly in helping the ecosystem, because Bags made of these synthetic materials are reusable for a long time, so in the face of single use Plastic bags, which are used one time and thrown away, this proves better. Meantime,  these bags are cost effective and commercially viable.  In the case of cotton bags, it is eco-friendly and it originates from nature and returns back to nature after

Say No To Plastic Bags

Global warming and uncertain weather patterns, as a result, imbalance in the ecosystem, makes the environment we live in, very suffocating. However, now we realized that it is man made, since we have to correct our mistakes ourselves. Though there are many areas to be addressed in this connection, very serious one is the usage of plastic that too in the form of carry bags, which is mindlessly used in day to day life for anything and everything, which adversely effected

Plastic related pollution and impact on human, animal and marine life.

Since ancient times till present, man always thought of improving quality of life, so started with primitive technology to meet with present day new clear technology. Never ending scientific advancement brought about changed human life style, easing labor and providing hitherto unknown levels of comfort and luxury but at a cost, too high. Today, pollution of air, water and global warming are matters of common talk and of great concern. Even though scientific advancement looked very advantageous, which helped mankind in