New Year 2022 resolution exclusively dedicated to work and support environmental causes

With an all-new year in front of us, we entered yet another phase of life, with an optimistic note to live happy and peaceful life. True, every human being strives in his own way to attain that and it is all about it.

But, never paid any thought to the planet earth we live in, moreover, knowingly used, misused  and abused it, in every possible way. So, now we are at the receiving end, even the year just ended had number of natural calamities to say that this planet is in danger and so are the inhabitants.

It appears that greed over took need, so rampant misuse of natural resources and persuasion of more and more comforts and luxuries in life, all contributed in the down fall of nature, causing acute disorder in climatic conditions all over the world. Recurring natural disasters on day to day basis to suggest that everything is not well.

We are responsible and contributed to this state of affairs one way or the other and so we have to mend our ways and change our life style, so that we too can help in restoration process, in whatever way we can. Pollution, contamination and toxic etc., words commonly used these days, global warming is the subject of deliberation in international platforms.

Though there are many reasons and causes, some tend to ignore or pay no heed in our day to day life. Years ago, people used to carry traditional Carry Bags made of Cotton or Jute, as these bags are made from natural raw material, after using for long time, when discarded, it got decomposed and became manure to soil.

But, later, we switched over to Plastic Bags, which are single use Bags, just use and throw, we found it very convenient but we never thought of harmful effects it leaves behind from process of production and discarded after use, either ended in land fill, or on surface of landscape or in water body, causing only harm, even under the soil will remain undecomposed for decades.

So, this time make a sincere resolution right in the beginning of the year to say no to Plastic Carry Bags, when you look out for your bag requirement say yourself it should be sustainable, durable, bio degradable and ecofriendly, then you will find Cotton, Jute, Juco, Canvas etc., Bags and certainly you will realize that you took a right decision and also set a precedence with a message.