Plastic related pollution and impact on human, animal and marine life.

Since ancient times till present, man always thought of improving quality of life, so started with primitive technology to meet with present day new clear technology. Never ending scientific advancement brought about changed human life style, easing labor and providing hitherto unknown levels of comfort and luxury but at a cost, too high.

Today, pollution of air, water and global warming are matters of common talk and of great concern. Even though scientific advancement looked very advantageous, which helped mankind in a number of ways, leaving no area, inventions enabled in producing a variety of products boosting trade and commerce across the world.

Though it helped mankind in many ways, it also harmed to the extent that survival on this plant became choking and alarmingly dangerous. 

Ever increasing demand for packing material and also in view of cost effectiveness is the need of the situation, then Plastic looked very attractive, unlike Cotton and Jute etc. unbelievably cheap, so Plastic Industry flourished and the manufacturing sector completely went to rely on this. In the first few decades went unnoticed for the adverse effect of plastic on the environment but since the last few years, this is a matter of serious discussion in the global platforms.

Even though Woven and Non woven Bags are not natural or good substitute to Cotton, Jute etc., eco friendly and biodegradable material, unlike single  use plastic bag this can be used multiple times and after use can be recycled, so has some edge over single use plastic Bags in helping ecosystem.

Basically, most destructive among plastic products is ordinary Carry Bags, which are single or one time use Bags, which are non recyclable products, People use it and throw it wherever they like, some end up in open ground, mix in soil and some get into water bodies, rest in the ocean. Thus life threatening situations for human, animal and marine life. Animals while grazing unsuspectingly eat plastics and it goes to their stomach and remains there undigested and the animal has to suffer. Marine life is not spared, millions of tons of plastic collected in the ocean also very badly affected marine life.

Contrary to this,  products made of Cotton, Jute etc., natural material, are durable and long lasting,  eco friendly and in every way, fiber extracted from plants, after use when disposed they naturally decompose with the soil and become manure to earth.

So go for eco-friendly Cotton, Jute and Juco etc. natural products and help save the planet.