Say No To Plastic Bags

Global warming and uncertain weather patterns, as a result, imbalance in the ecosystem, makes the environment we live in, very suffocating.

However, now we realized that it is man made, since we have to correct our mistakes ourselves. Though there are many areas to be addressed in this connection, very serious one is the usage of plastic that too in the form of carry bags, which is mindlessly used in day to day life for anything and everything, which adversely effected land and oceans alike because this is not biodegradable material, which caused enough damage to our planet earth.

So better we Say No To Plastic Bags and go for bags made from eco-friendly material like Jute. Of course, this is not something new, Jute Sacks have been used the world over for packaging purpose for ages, now the finer version in the form of attractive shopping and customized bags in a variety of style and size are available. These are strong in nature and durable and more importantly fully bio-degradable, when disposed of.

This is one such alternative to replace plastic bags, very effectively. So let us adopt it and help the environment to regain the lost ground.

Cotton is another similar material known to mankind since time immemorial and appears to have gone through the process of spinning and weaving and fabric was made, which met the need of the basic necessity of clothing and allied products.

When Jute and Cotton blended makes another unique fabric called Juco.

So, here we have three variants to choose from, identical in nature, when it comes to conservation of nature.

Creative Trading vision and mission is to support Eco-friendly causes by keeping Plastic away.

Last but not the least, Today world is going through a critical phase of time, because of the invasion of Coronavirus, since there is no vaccine available to deal with this, social distancing is the only way to keep this threat away, as medical experts advise. So let follow the same.