Here is the list of the products we offer:

Our Products

Welcome to Creative Trading Me, we will help you create customized products that will last forever in your heart as a bundle of cherished products. We design and deliver bags and a variety of packaging materials that are nothing less than a masterpiece. We assure you of an experience of an entirely different realm.

Jute Bags

Jute bags are made from the jute plant fiber. These bags are biodegradable as they are made out of natural fiber. They call it, “Bags for Life.” We procure superior quality of fiber from the farmers and manufacture bags as per customer requirements.

Cotton/Canvas Bags

Cotton bags are excellent environment friendly products and provide us with extremely huge scope for producing stylish and trending design fabrics out of it. Try your fabric with cotton, we assure, you will love the experience.

Canvas Bag is made out of several types of natural fiber, most commonly, cotton. Canvases are preferred to manufacture durable, strong fabrics.

Juco Bags

Juco is produced by blending Jute and Cotton. Juco provides the best qualities of both the jute and the cotton. It provides tighter weave like cotton and strength like jute. This is gaining popularity for its versatility, especially in packaging, gift, and fashion field.

Woven/Non-woven bags

Both the woven and non-woven are great choice for attractive design and colored customization. Woven bags are made from the tightly woven fabric whereas the non-woven bags are made by entangling the fabric in manufacturing process. Due to the ban of plastic bags, they both are heavily used as the recyclable bag.

Leather & Vegan leather Bags

Everyone loves leather goods and accessories. We use natural leather, free from synthetic and chemical materials. Whether you are seeking casual or formal look, a leather accessory will never disappoint you, it always keeps you a class apart.

Vegan leather is made from artificial or plant products and mimics leather. These are affordable alternatives for leather and must have bags in your closet.

Creative Trading Me delivers wide range of leather products to enhance your sense of style and look.

Polyester/Matty/Nylon/Velvet Fabric Bags

These bags are stronger and lighter. They are more durable compared to other normal fabrics. They provide a lot of advantages compared to traditional fabrics, such as wrinkle-free, easy to carry, moldable in required shapes, and resistance to strains. They make a perfect material for backpacks and hand held bags.